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Breathtakingly beautiful, Antarctica is a land of extremes. Often referred to as the 7th and the White continent.

Polar expeditions are for the real hard core adventurer and offer discoveries of the Shetland Island, Georgia, the infamous Drake Passage and the ANTARCTICA!

It is the coldest and driest continent on earth and also the southernmost. Although it doesn't belong to any particular country, several countries have occupied and claimed parts of it. It's a peaceful continent, scarcely touched by humans and used mainly for research.

Though it has no significant plant life or mammals, Antarctica is home to many species of migrating birds, penguins’, seals, whales and fish.
Though it seems unimaginable, tourism in Antarctica does exist. In fact it started in 1950 with big vessels sailing down there. The tip of South America is known to be one of the closest land masses to western Antarctica.

POLAR Cruises / Expeditions sail from Ushuaia and Punta Arenas. There are options of varying periods and also partial flight options.

The ANTARCTICA is the ultimate discovery for the passionate Adventurer!