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Brazil is the gateway into South America! The 5th largest country in the world and blessed with a coastline that runs for more than 7000 kms! Pristine white powder sand beaches, waves and Palm trees.

A myriad of tropical islands, music filled metropolises and enchanting Colonial towns such as Salvador!

The enchantments of Brazil range from the lush Amazon forests, the charm of the colonial cities like Minas Gerais and its baroque architecture. The strong cultural manifestations of Bahia and one of the most vibrant cities in the world:
Rio de Janeiro!

It is almost symbolic that the magnificent statue of Christ the Redeemer stands tall on the Corcovado Mountain and is blessing Rio!

The greatest Carnival in the world is hosted every February and attracts People from the world over! The New Year’s Eve Revellion celebration is a spectacle!
The beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana – the beach Volley ball, Football and the Brazilian Passion for Life is enviable indeed!
The exotique cuisine and the rhythm of the Samba make Brazil irresistible!

Brazil is home to one of the world’s most prolific yet endangered eco systems – The Amazon basin and the region within known as the Pantanal !
An Amazon cruise on the Rio Negro or the Solimos gives an almost ‘out of the movies’ kind of experience.

The boisterous Iguacu Falls are one of the greatest Natural wonders. The Iguacu falls have not been commercialized and the 275 waterfalls stretch over 1.8 miles across the Iguacu River. Almost 5 times larger than the Niagara!

Brazil – warm country – warmer people!

You may never want to leave...

Official name : Federal Republic of Brazil
Capital : Brasillia
states : 26 + Federal district
Population: : App:  190 million
Climate : Tropical
Language : Portuguese
GDP : 1.57 trillion US$ (2009)
Currency : Brazilian Real
World Cup 2014 : hosted in 12 cities
OLYMPICS : 2016 in Rio de Janeiro